Microsoft Flow October 2018 Update: integrations with Office 365, the platform and more!

Microsoft Flow offers rich workflow and business process capabilities for the Microsoft Power platform, and for the Dynamics 365 and Office 365 services that build on that platform. This October, Microsoft Flow is doubling down on the platform integration by releasing key capabilities that enhance the power of all the above products.

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Adaptive cards for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Flow US Government now available

There is a new action for Microsoft Teams that posts an adaptive card to a channel. Microsoft Flow US Government is generally available, which supports compliance with US government requirements for cloud services. In addition, there are six new connectors available this month and we have streamlined the creation experience for business process flows.

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Introducing Custom Response Options for Approvals

Approvals in Flows empower you to automate requesting and tracking approvals. With custom response options, you can now create approvals with responses tailored specifically to your business needs. Use custom responses to provide granular feedback for content reviews

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Unlock next at Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019

Get ready to flex your business applications skills – and pick up some new ones – at Microsoft Business Applications Summit. Coming to Atlanta, Georgia June 10 – 11, 2019, this is the place to dive deep with the tools you use every day, get a sneak peek at what’s new and next, and connect …

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Beginner | Flow of the Week: Generating Flows From Visio

This post comes from Microsoft Flow MVP Daniel Laskewitz. Daniel is a Business Productivity Consultant & Microsoft Business Solutions MVP who is very enthusiastic about all things Office 365, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Azure & SharePoint (Online). Since the preview, Daniel has been working with Microsoft Flow and later on with Microsoft PowerApps. That led to …

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Build more powerful conditions in flows and more

Use a new advanced condition builder to have conditional logic based on And / Or statements in a flow. Peek into the JSON code of actions in the Microsoft Flow designer. There is a new feature built-in to SharePoint: if a list or library has a date/time column, Microsoft Flow can be used to set up alerts based on upcoming dates. Finally, there are two new connectors: Microsoft Graph Security and XooaDB.

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Advanced | Flow of The Week: Role Based Security in PowerApps using Flow & SharePoint Groups

Enabling role based security in PowerApps controlled by SharePoint Security Groups has been a common customer ask. For example, can you make an Admin screen that is visible only to users who belong to a specific SharePoint Security Group? Yes, you can and this is where Microsoft Flow comes to the rescue!
This blog post is an attempt to share an approach for finding out the SharePoint Group membership of a signed in user and make certain features or screens of an app available to them.

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Send a flow as a copy

It’s now possible to distribute flow templates inside of your organization by sharing copies of flows. Once you have sent out a flow, your colleagues can create it from their email, or from the new Shared with me tab inside of the Templates page.

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