October updates for Microsoft Flow on mobile phones

I’m happy to share that this month has been a meaningful one for Microsoft Flow on mobile devices, as we’ve released substantial updates for the apps. In this blog I will share more details on these new and exciting features, all of which are available both on our iOS app and Android Beta app.

First, check out this short video which will give you a glimpse of Flow capabilities on phones (always more to come…).  

Flow creation

As we updated earlier this month, Flow creation is now available from your mobile phones. You can now easily create a flow from your phone by just a few simple clicks. Browse our rich template gallery, navigate through our services list, search the gallery by keyword, or select a various template category to drill into. Finally, after creating your flow, the mobile app allows you to edit, rename or delete the flow, as well as fix a broken connection if needed. Read our dedicated blog for more details.



There are countless operations we wish we could trigger anytime and anywhere. Now, with Button Flows, you can get those done at just a click of a button, from your mobile device.

Imagine just a few examples: 

Your available Buttons live in a dedicated tab where you can easily and quickly trigger any action at any time. To add more buttons to your Buttons tab, just go ahead and create more Button flows.


Button flows are like any other flows, they can be created from the Browse Tab, Managed in My Flows tab, or Monitored in the Activity tab. To help get you started, we created a category of Button templates with a long list of available buttons, and we will keep enriching it overtime. Like other template categories, the Buttons category is accessible from the Browse tab. As always, you can also publish useful templates to the gallery for other users to enjoy.


Ready-To-Use Flows

Are you new to Flow? Haven’t created any flows just yet? Don’t worry, we’ll help get you started with just a few clicks. Our new ready-to-use experience will help you wire up your first flows with just a click or two. After that, when you wish to create more personalized flows, it will already be smooth sailing in our Browse tab to view all suggested templates and services.


Flow App now available for everyone

Last month an important update made Microsoft Flow available for everyone to sign up or sign in. up until that update, users could sign into the mobile app only with email addresses provided by their work or school, like those used with Office 365 Business or Office 365 Enterprise. With the last update, the App is now open to all users, no matter what email you have.

Learn more and connect with us

View our app video, and check out our documentation that covers app concepts, from getting started to more advanced capabilities.

Visit the Mobile section on our community and share what you’re doing, ask questions or even submit new ideas and reach out to us on Twitter.